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Access to SQL Conversions

Microsoft Access is included in all versions of MS Office Professional. For that reason, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of "home-grown" or in-house developed Access applications in place in small and medium sized businesses in any given large city. Accesses "wizards" makes it really pretty easy to design a form and attach a database.

However it is not very good at all in helping you create a sound design that will work smoothly when more than just you use it.

Access is a wonderful product for small systems development. But, as you know, small systems tend to grow with the business, and if your business expands, you run into a snag when the application you've built doesn't grow with you.

If you've ever attempted it, you realize pretty quickly that while it used to work pretty well for you, as soon as you put five to ten others on it it suddenly fell to pieces right before your eyes. It locks up. It slows to a crawl. It does any number of things that it never did when it was just you using it. All this is due to the fact that Access is not designed to handle more than 5 users reliably, and it cannot handle very large amounts of data very well. And if your system is built mostly with the various "wizards", it likley will not handle even that many very well, because the wizards can only do so much.

One of my primary strengths is database performance tuning. I can help you work through a bottleneck with your existing Access database, but, more importantly I can show you how to pull out your Access database backend and replace it with SQL Server. Doing so will result in a performance boost on order of magnitude. An application running with SQL Server on the back end is "night and day" different.

Access to SQL Conversions

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