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Kirby L. Wallace
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Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

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Some of the freely available tools that I like or use the most.

NotePad++ Text Editor

Hands down, the best free/open source Text Editor. Lots of useful plugins.

SQL Server 2008 Express Edition

It's the (almost) full strength SQL Server package, minus a few of the more "enterprise" features such as SQL Mail, Log Shipping, etc. For a small to medium size web application database server, it is more than sufficient.

MS Visual Studio 2010 Express

Again, Microsoft's "free" version of their Studio Express development tools. And again, minus only the more advanced tools such as Team Foundation, etc. For one-off, ad hoc development, it's perfect. And hey, C# is built right in. :-)

Netbeans (Java) IDE

If you gotta get you some Java action, this IDE is much easier to learn and use than Eclipse. I got dragged, kicking and screaming, into the Java World, and Netbeans helped ease the pain. If you "feel the need; the need for ...", uhm, "vintage retro" and want to learn Java, this is a big help. Java is "old tech", these days, but still a worthy tool to have on your belt. And Netbeans is one of the better IDEs.

RedGate SQL Search

The entire RedGate tools suite is kinda (well, definately) pricey, but one of the most useful tools in the suite (SQL Search) is actually free. It's a plugin for SSMS.

Sun VirtualBox

Not as comprehensive or as reliable as VMWare Desktop, but it is free, and it works quite well. USB Support is "iffy" at times, but in most other respects, I've rarely had trouble with it.

Easus Todo Backup

This VERY handy util let's you do bit-level, "mirror image" backups of a hard drive that can be restored to another drive very quickly and very easily. I implemented a hard drive workstation imaging solution with this little gem. It cut new desktop system deployment from a couple of hours, to about 20 minutes!

DexPot Multi Desktops

This is a FANTASTIC util. Cannot believe MS haven't bought it outright. However, it does have a tendancy to "mix up" icons between desktops from time to time. Up to 20 Desktops, each with it's own icons and wallpaper. There's lots of "wallpaper switchers", but the custom desktop icons is what sets this one apart.

MailEnable Mail Server

Very easy to use and setup (if you have a basic understanding of what it takes to run a mail server, that is). Free version supports multiple domains, and unlimited mailboxes per domain. Useful tools help you manage everything.


My prefered VNC client.

SysInternals Utilities

Microsoft now owns this suite of tools, but they fully support it on TechNet. SysInternals is a "must have" in every system administrator's toolbox!

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