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Client / Server Systems Development

Client/Server is the name given to what we would commonly call "traditional" software development. It is also called "multi-tier" software. Virtually all of the data is stored on a central computer, and distributed to other computers (clients) upon request. The clients perform most of the actual processing of the data themselves.

The Server, in a CS environment is generally where most of the emphasis is put for things like data security, storage capacity, processing speed, etc. Ideally, the client needs only a minimally equipped desktop PC. There are sometimes exceptions, but that's the plan.

The software is developed in multiple layers, or "tiers" (giving rise to the "multi-tier" moniker). In Client-Server, the most common model is that of the client acting as a front end making requests for data from the server. There is often a third tier in between the client and the server - usually refered to as the database interface, or the business model. The business model is not responsible for actually storing and managing the data, but it does describe the data and how it relates to other entities in the database.

The purpose of this page is not to give you a full tutorial of Client Server software development, but rather the assure you that we are quite capable and fully knowledgable of the techniques involved.

Examples of Client Server Model Software:

Client/Server describes the methodology used to develop the software more than the actual software itself, however, some examples can be given of typical CS model development products.
  • Accounting Software
  • Large Medical Billing
  • Credit Records
  • Retailer Customer Service Records

Note: MAS90 is not "Client Server" - it falls under a different category.

Time to develop a system that is modeled using this methodology is usually measured in hundreds, if not thousands of hours.

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