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Kirby L. Wallace
(918) 527-6861
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Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

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Systems Integration

System Integration (in the software realm) has to do with the business of making one system "talk" or exchange data with another. Usually, the two systems are completely unrelated and are not designed to integrate with each other.

In cases such as these, a System Integration tool is useful for exporting data from one system and importing it into another. The process is what's known as Systems Integration. You should not confuse hardware systems integration with software systems integration. The decidedly concrete nature of hardware means that if one piece of hardware cannot produce the output needed by another piece of hardware, then no integration is going to take place... That is, unless you introduce Software Systems Integration. That's where I come in.

I am familiar with most common data exchange formats, and can custom develop other formats and protocols as needed.

Time to develop an integration program is usually measured in tens of hours.

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