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Speed up your Slow Database Applications...

Because Access Database is included in every copy of Microsoft Office Professional, there are a great many companies that have these small to medium sized Access database applications that they have developed in-house, by you or an employee. Solutions so developed usually run great at first, but tend to slow down as more work is put upon them. Most often, this is due to the MS Jet database technology that lies behind the Microsoft Access database engine.

Access is very good for small applications that have 5 or fewer users. But once you exceed that, things start to slow down quite a bit. This can be remedied by replacing the default Access database engine with linked SQL Server tables. Doing this can result in a fantastic performance boost.

Also, many people start out enthusiasticly with the built in "wizards", but quickly find that the wizard can take you only so far - and then you are stuck.

I am expert in all areas of MS Access development: tables, queries, forms, reports and especially modules. You will never really unlock the real power of MS Access until you have mastered the art of programming the database with Visual Basic. That's a long, hard row to hoe. Fortunately, I've already "hoed it."

This subject is covered in great detail on another page. Click the "Database" button on the menu bar at the top. Or click here.

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