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Kirby L. Wallace
(918) 527-6861
kirby /at/
Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

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Software, Programming & Application Development...

Shortly after leaving the United States Air Force (where I was an Air Traffic Controller), I began my programming career in 1985 as a civilian contractor to the United States Navy.

In that capacity, I was the sole programming resource on the staff that designed, built and tested the first seven LCAC (Landing Craft, Air Cushion) hovercraft vehicles. Development tools, back then, were primitive and crude, but then again, so was the hardware.

Fast-forward a couple of decades and the environment now is as different as night and day. And yet, I am still programming, developing applications, writing software and database applications.

The tools now are more complex, and the environment is much more complex. But that's where I work.

Cleanup Guy

One thing that has been very common in my consulting career is that I am often the "cleanup guy." I'm the consultant that has been called in after attempts have been made by several others and failed. In once instance, I was the next in a series of four other programmer consultants who had attempted a system; failed; and then told the client that it could not be done. When I arrived, I had solved the problem in a very short amount of time. So while I may not always be the first person called, I am very often the last person called.

I'm quite proud of that.

I work, primarily, in three areas:
  • Visual Basic with SQL Server database
  • HTML, ASP, Script w/ SQL Server Database
  • MS Access with both Jet and SQL Server

Over the course of my career, I have developed over one million lines of code in various languages, including some very old languages such as COBOL, ForTran, ADA, C, and Modula-1. After that, some more recent, yet still old languages such as xBase, Clipper, and Pascal.

I rarely (actually never) work in those languages these days, and the last one of them that I used was Clipper more than a decade ago. I rarely even mention them on a resume anymore as there is just no call for them. However, if you are still working in these old languages, you will be pleased to know that back in "the day", I was world-renown for my Clipper/xBase work. I still get email and requests for support for some of my third party libraries that, incredibly enough, are still being used in parts of Latin America and Eastern Europe. I only mention it to say that I can quickly pick it up again if you have some old legacy applications laying about in need of modernization. Believe it or not, they are still out there in the field right now, some of them.

But for the present time, my work is as described above. I have designed software applications used by many companies. So many in fact that I no longer even remember how many programs I've written or how many clients I've served. It's been a lot.

Since about the turn of the century, the focus of software development turned away from Client/Server Application software, almost exclusively to Intranet/Web development using the Internet Browser as a hosting platform. Thus, since then I have been primarily working on that platform. Most of my actual software development now focuses on Systems Integration and Utilites.
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