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Kirby L. Wallace
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Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

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Since about 2001, almost all software application development has been pushed to web browser based applications. The reasons are many (and valid).

No "rollout" or "distribution" problems. This was a top concern and major headache with Client/Server based solutions. In that scenario, applications are built and distributed "piece meal" - little bits scattered here and there and everywhere. If any one of them was missing or outdated, it could have major ramifications for the entire system.

Intranet applications (or even Internet Applications, if you intend to make them available to the public in the web), neatly fix this problem by centralising the application on just one (or a very few) servers, and making the application available to anyone who has Internet Explorer (or another browser) software installed.

This subject is covered in great detail on another page. Click the "Web Designs" button on the menu bar at the top. Or click here.

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