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Kirby L. Wallace
(918) 527-6861
kirby /at/
Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

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Wireless Network Cabling...

Yes. I do wireless cabling.

Wirless cabling is really tricky, because the cable is, well, hard to see. But it can be done. When you've got a wireless cable installed correctly, you can feel it.

OK, enough fun....

I install and configure wireless routers, wireless security and access control, and encryption protocols. External extended range antennas, and wireless access points, and WAP bridges.

For all it's convenience, wireless does have it's limitations, and you definately should be aware of them. There are applications on the market - name brand, industry standard apps - that even a momentary interuption of the wireless signal can result in corrupted data files that will require vendor intervention to repair. I can help you devise a wirless plan that will work properly.

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